That's all the publisher had to say, but one possibility is that we'll hear more about the ambitious Assassin's Creed Infinity (codename) project during the event, or potentially the rumored smaller-scale Assassin's Creed title that focuses on Valhalla character Basim. In terms of what we do know is coming, Ubisoft's 15th anniversary celebrations for Assassin's Creed includes new activities in Assassin's Creed Valhalla, a free trial for Origins, and weekly celebrations through a dedicated site. As for the "very special event," Ubisoft did not say if this will be an Assassin's Creed-focused event or a showcase of Assassin's Creed and Ubisoft's other upcoming games. Ubisoft is expected to hold a big showcase later this year with around 20 game announcements, including brand-new reveals and updates for existing titles. Whether or not this is the September, event, however, is unknown.

The Future Of Assassin’s Creed To Be Revealed In September Event

With Assassin’s Creed Infinity and a smaller-scale AC game reportedly in the works, Ubisoft reveals when…

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While which new map will be playable has yet to be announced--there are quite a few to choose from--Blizzard recently shed a bit more light on Junker Queen at the Xbox-Bethesda Games Showcase. Overwatch's 34th character to enter the fray will be a tank-hero, equipped with a stocky shotgun and a large, two-handed axe for melee attacks. The announcement comes in the midst of a tumultuous time at Blizzard. Over the last year, both Blizzard and its parent company, Activision, have faced numerous allegations of sexual harassment and discrimination. In addition, the company is currently in the process of being purchased by Microsoft. As talks of unionization begin with the company, Microsoft has come forward saying it will formally recognize an Activision Blizzard union. Overwatch 2 is scheduled to release on all consoles and PC October 4, 2022. The multiplayer will be free-to-play, and comes with at least two new characters: Sojourn and Junker Queen. The game's paid campaign will come at a later date.

Overwatch 2 Beta Begins June 28, Will Feature Junker Queen And A New Map

If you missed your chance to play Overwatch 2 during the game’s first beta test, your next shot…

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