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Best Paying Jobs In Basic Industries

The Best Paying Jobs in Basic Industries Review

The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics lists a variety of basic industry jobs, including those in extraction, evaluation, and improvement. To learn more about these jobs, read the Occupational Outlook Handbook. Below you’ll find a summary of the most well-paying jobs in basic industries. You can use this guide to find out if these careers are right for you. The information is updated regularly, and you can use it to make an informed decision.

Drilling engineers

Oil and gas exploration is a worldwide business. Drilling engineers design and supervise drilling operations and oversee the entire process. These professionals usually hold a bachelor’s degree in a related field. Oil and gas drivers transport finished products and raw materials. Drivers must have a high school diploma or GED and previous experience driving commercial trucks. They can also be expected to work long hours and in adverse weather conditions.

Another high paying job in the basic industries is that of a drilling engineer. These professionals help petroleum geologists extract natural gas from underground deposits. They work with on-site production managers and drill crews to find the most profitable locations for drilling. As the demand for oil and gas increases, so does the salary. Drilling engineers’ base salary ranges from $92,456 to $110,060. While drilling engineers are among the highest paid workers in basic industries, they do not receive a lot of recognition.

Computer systems analysts

One of the most important qualifications for a computer systems analyst is technical knowledge. This is why it is important to have excellent problem-solving skills. Creative thinking is also essential for the position. An individual who can think outside the box is more likely to come up with novel solutions to problems. Fortunately, a career in this field is one of the highest-paying jobs in basic industries. To become a computer systems analyst, you need to possess a background in both computer programming and computer hardware.

Entry-level systems analysts typically earn $54,716 a year, although higher salaries are common among experienced professionals. While a bachelor’s degree is usually sufficient, some employers may require an advanced degree. Computer science majors are the most common choice, although liberal arts majors can also apply for the role. To increase your chances of landing a higher-paying job, you should pursue a master’s degree in business administration or related fields.


Many welders work as employees in an industrial setting. While you may not make as much per hour as an independent contractor, the advantages of being an employee include regular hours, job security, and benefits. You may even get to travel. However, you will have to travel to different locations, which is why welders are not always home-based. You can also choose to work for yourself, which could mean less pay per hour but more job security.

A welding career is a good option for those with good technical skills and a desire for travel. While it does require training, it is well worth it. In fact, some of the best-paying jobs in basic industries pay up to $100,000 annually! But beware: this profession requires hard work and commitment. While it may not be the most glamorous or exciting job in the world, it is extremely rewarding and provides excellent travel opportunities.

Sales workers

The basic industries are industries that provide raw materials and products for the rest of the economy. These industries are vital to daily life. They include agriculture, forestry, fishing, and oil and gas extraction. People in these fields extract natural resources, which range from coal to penguins. However, the salaries in these industries are not as high as those in creative fields. In addition to that, these jobs often require on-the-job training.

Some of the highest-paying jobs in the basic industries for sales workers require specialized education. Sales engineers need to be experts in product parts and know the technical processes behind its operation. This role typically requires a bachelor’s degree in engineering, but sometimes technical training or sales experience is enough. Despite these challenges, sales engineers are among the highest-paid jobs in the basic industries. Here are some of the best-paying jobs in these industries:

Materials research analysts

These professionals study atmospheric phenomena to help organizations predict climate and weather conditions. They can work for broadcasters, utilities, and agricultural organizations, and usually have at least a bachelor’s degree in physics. Another great option is to become a materials research analyst, which involves analyzing different materials, their properties, and how they interact with one another. In this field, you will analyze the properties and processes of raw materials and combine them to create finished products. The most rewarding aspect of the position is the salary, which can go up to $110,000 annually.

A career in the basic industries offers a variety of benefits, including security of employment. In most cases, these industries are recession-proof, meaning that the demand for these jobs will remain constant, regardless of how the economy performs. If you are looking to change careers, you might want to consider the benefits and pensions offered by these companies. Some basic industry jobs are physically demanding and require long hours. These jobs can also be among the highest paying jobs in the basic industries.

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