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Button City Free Download

Button City Free Download

Before you start downloading Button City for PC, read our article about the Gameplay, Arcade mini-games, Storyline, and the development team behind this game. You’ll find out why it’s a must-have download for fans of Subliminal’s games. Then, read on for some tips to help you get the most out of this download! Now, let’s take a look at the Gameplay in Button City!

Gameplay in Button City

The gameplay in Button City is largely linear. In the campaign mode, you move from one rectangular area to another, completing quests and gathering collectibles and currencies. When you’re done, you can unleash special moves and attack your opponents. There’s no fear of dying, which makes the game an ideal palate cleanser. Despite the repetitive gameplay, Button City is still a fun game for those who enjoy exploring a new city.

The story is driven by a narrative-driven journey, and you play as the Fluff Squad, a group of friends, trying to save their local arcade. You’ll also play games that combine arcade-style action with puzzles and rhythm-based gameplay. You’ll have over 10 hours of fun playing this free download, and you’ll love the colorful visuals and anthropomorphic characters. The game is also great fun for families with children, as it’s perfect for young children.

Arcade mini-games

Arcade mini-games in Button City are a delightful addition to this free game. These quirky and colorful games are based on a storyline. Players must complete quests in order to progress through the story, and many of these tasks revolve around fetching objects for friends. Earlier scenarios include making lemonade, timed button presses, and delivering parcels. However, later scenarios involve a little more than fetching things.

The game is a mixture of adventure, puzzle, and arcade mini-games, each with their own personality. You can even’modify’ the game’s difficulty levels, as well as unlocking a variety of challenge modes. Whether you’re a youngster or an old pro, you’ll find a game to suit your skills. Button City also offers several fun and challenging mini-games to play.


The storyline of Button City is a simple one. In the game, a young fox struggles to settle in a new city. However, his adventure takes him into a mystery that threatens his favourite arcade. Throughout the game, you will meet new characters, face challenges, and learn important lessons about friendship and community. The main character Fennel is also facing some personal demons. The game is available for PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X.

As you progress through the game, you can choose where you want to go next. The world is arranged in stacked tiers, which makes it easy to choose where to go. You will have to figure out where to find quests. The game is scheduled to release on August 10th, but there is a free demo available for download that shows off its arcade, quests, and gameplay. Once you download the free demo, you can see whether the game is right for you.

Subliminal’s development team

Button City is a unique isometric adventure game developed by indigenous company Subliminal. The game follows the quest of the kids to save their beloved arcade from a rival group of Tuff Fluffs. While the game is full of action, it’s also a celebration of childhood and the memories it holds. It also boasts a unique storyline that’s infused with quirky characters, side quests, and mini-games.

The game includes an arcade drift racing game called rEVolution Racer, in which players drift electric streetcars down the Watermelon Mountain and fill super capacitors to unleash powerful bursts of speed. Players can also play Prisma Beats, a dancing rhythm game where characters from Button City dance to Pedro Silva’s music. There are more than ten levels to beat in the free download.

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