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Her – What Once Was Lyrics and a Video

Her – What Once Was Lyrics and a Video

This article will cover some Songs from Her’s debut album ‘Dorothy.’ Read on for Song lyrics and a video. You may even be surprised that you’ve never heard some of these songs. Listed below are some of Her’s best songs and lyrics. Enjoy! Read on to find out which lyrics are the best! And stay tuned for more Her songs! Just for fun! And don’t forget to check out Her’s other music, too!

Songs from Her’s debut album ‘Dorothy’

The lead single from Her’s debut album, ‘Rest In Peace,’ has hit the Top 20 on Active Rock Radio this month. The track has also garnered over eight million streams and has been named essential listening by multiple publications. It was also recently named Artist of the Day by Facebook. The single also follows a tour that kicked off in San Diego. Watch the livestream of the Chicago House of Blues show below and purchase tickets here!

“Rock Queen” is one of the most outstanding tracks on the album. This rock song shines through Dorothy McDaniel’s powerful voice, accompanied by some killer lyrics. Dorothy McDaniel’s music has always had that something special. Her incredible career will keep us coming back for more. In the meantime, you should give ‘Dorothy’ a chance and check out the rest of her stellar debut album.

The frontwoman of the rock band Her is an interesting character. She’s incredibly humble, but also ambitious. She wants to change the world, and her ego isn’t big. She’s gracious in conversation and generous when speaking about her art. Despite her lack of ego, she is intimidating on stage, drawing attention everywhere she goes. She’s part of a band, which means she draws a lot of attention, but she manages to stay humble despite her stardom.

Dorothy has a solid lineup of musicians on its debut album. The band members are drummer Zac Morris, guitarist Mark Jackson, and bassist Gregg Cash. The foursome have been playing together for about a year and a half. They met while writing songs in Martin’s one-bedroom studio, where she introduced the two guitarists. Dorothy also laid down strict grooming rules for the band, and insists on a cohesive effort as a whole.

Fans of Her’s debut album ‘Dorothay’ are likely to be thrilled to hear this selection of songs, inspired by ’80s synth-pop. The singer’s vocal range is impressive, and her ability to hit high notes made her an instant hit among their audience. Her’s debut album was released in August 2018 and features six new tracks. While the band is still a new band, they have gained many fans. It will be interesting to see where they go in the future.

With 28 Days in the Valley, Dorothy took on a new sound. On Gifts From the Holy Ghost, Dorothy returns to high-voltage rock ‘n’ roll, with collaborations with other artists including guitarists Jason Hook and Keith Wallen. In “A Beautiful Life,” a single track is dedicated to Dorothy’s favorite lyric. The chorus – “Don’t let the demons get you down” has become Dorothy’s mantra.

Song lyrics

The first single from Her’s debut album, “What Once Was,” was sultry and darkly swooning. It introduced the throwback sound of the singer’s music, and the band subsequently released the second half of their debut album quickly and indulgently. While the songs may seem familiar to many people, their meaning is not always immediately obvious. As with many pop songs, the lyrics are best understood by listening to the song first.

While some people may cringe at the idea of metaphor, most songs use it effectively to tell a story. “Stilketto” by Billy Joel and “Fortress Around Your Heart” by Sting are classic examples of central metaphors. Invisible Sun – Police is a song about the troubles in Northern Ireland. Songs about lovers’ bodies also contain unusual imagery. Leonard Cohen’s “Always Somewhere in the Dark” uses the metaphor of fire to describe a lover’s body.


Kenny Chesney’s “Knowing You” video captures a time when love and loss were synonymous. The song is about love and loss, and Chesney takes a new perspective on the theme with a beautifully framed video. The song and its video can be found on Chesney’s Here and Now album. Read on to learn how Chesney created his video for “Knowing You.”

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