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How To Backup Data on SD Card

Many people lose their data from their phones or computer. Therefore, they worried about backup their data but didn’t know how to backup data on sd card? No worries! We have mentioned the simplest method, which will be very helpful to get your data back. So without further ado, let’s get started;

A complete guide of how to backup data on sd card

Due to the issue of the backup of your important data on the sd card, we have shared the complete guide for the beginners, so just take a look at these methods.

Method 1: Using the Google Drive folder to backup data on an SD card

  1.  Add your Android device to your computer, and it will show as removable storage. After that, double-click the desktop app to view its desktop folder.
  1.  Choose your SD card and copy and paste the information into the Google Drive folder. Afterward when your data are automatically backed up to Google Drive.

Method 2: Use Google Backup and Sync to back up your SD card to Google Drive.

  1. On the taskbar, press the Google Backup and Sync symbol, then choose Preferences from the Settings menu.
  1. On the left side of the My Computer menu, tap USB devices and SD cards. Next, press OK and wait until the final result when you’re ready. Note that you may still backup selected folders on your SD card or Android phone by tapping on CHOOSE FOLDER under the My Computer menu.
  1. Last but not least, go out to the website and double-check that all of your files have been successfully uploaded. All of your data is saved by default under the Computers section. If you backup data on different computers, you must choose the one you’re currently using.

Note: The desktop software will delete the files erased from the local computer. You can backup files on a website if you choose a safer method. To upload your files or folders, go to “New” and then “File upload” or “Folder upload.”

Advanced method: use AOMEI Backupper to restore your SD card to Google Drive.

AOMEI Backupper is a popular and trustworthy file sync program for Windows users, with more than 20 million people worldwide. All customers, especially beginners, can backup and sync SD cards to Google Drive in a few simple steps due to its clear interface and user-friendly design.

Because this program is so clever, it can recognize any device that has a file system. It also includes other handy features such as an email alert to receive the final result while having to wait and daily/weekly/monthly schedule sync to avoid missing any changes. Let’s take a look at how it works now.

  1. 1. Insert your SD card into a card reader or use a USB cord to connect your Android phone to your computer. Afterward, get AOMEI Backupper Standard, install it, and run it.
  1. Next, tap Sync and then Basic Sync. This option enables you to preserve a backup of your essential files while also allowing you to see them from anywhere at any time. If you’re concerned about data security, select “File Backup” instead.
  1. Select all of the files and folders you would like to sync by clicking + Add Folder.

Note: You can find a funnel-shaped button named “Filter Settings” on the right side of selected files or folders that can make your backup/sync data with specific file extensions. To use this feature, please update to AOMEI Backupper Professional if necessary.

  1. Choose a cloud drive from the drop-down option. Therefore, to close this window, press on Google Drive and click OK. Lastly, if there are no issues, click Start Sync.


In this article, we have shared how to backup data on sd card. Also, there is to know about backing up an SD card to Google Drive. Whatever your need is for a backup, transfer, or flexible access, you can rely on the options provided, which include Google Drive mobile and desktop apps, as well as third-party backup and sync software. Furthermore, many users may notice that Google Drive fails to recognize your SD card while synchronizing. It’s quite inconvenient.

You could use the free freeware AOMEI Backupper Standard to avoid this scenario. You can use it to deliver OS on several PCs simultaneously. It’s also considerably simpler and more appropriate for all users. AOMEI Backupper Technician is worth a look if you wish to secure an unlimited number of PCs within a corporation.

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