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Making Your Fish Meal Delicious: How To Deep-Fry Fish

How To Deep-Fry Fish

Fish, if properly cooked, is mouthwatering and delicious. There are multiple fish recipes you can use when cooking fish. Drying is one way people prefer as it’s tastier and easier to separate bones. Deep frying is different from shallow frying. In deep frying, the fish must turn golden brown. Here is how you can prepare a tasty deep-fried fish.

Prepare Your Fish

Depending on whether you fished your fish or bought it, reparation differs. If you purchase your fish, there is less preparation. All you need to do is defrost the fish and let it drip most water from it. However, if your friend has gifted you a fish after their fishing trip, you will need to do some work.

  • Dissect the fish from the anal region to the chest region
  • Remove the intestines
  • Wash the fish with lots of water
  • A shallow cut the fish on its skin either vertically or diagonally and season some salt in the cut.
  • Hang your fish to drip water

Fry Your Fish

You need to understand kitchen safety measures when frying food. Always ensure to put on your cooling mitten gloves to avoid burns. After providing safety measures are in place. Toucan now proceed.

  • Put enough oil in your frying pan.
  • Let the oil heat up to 1800. You will know the oil is ready when it stops fizzling.
  • Slowly lower the fish and ensure that it’s fully immersed.
  • Please do not touch the fish until it raises itself on top of the oil or detaches itself from the pan. It might take five to six minutes.
  • Using a spatula or a slotted spoon, turn the fish to ensure both sides are well cooked.

After your fish has turned golden brown on the cut sections, you can now make your favorite salad and enjoy your fish. It is best served hot. If your fish is big, you can always cut it into sections before deep-frying it and cooking it in bits.

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