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How to Reset Service Battery Charging System Light

How to Reset Service Battery Charging System Light

When the service battery charging system light turns on, you’ll learn how to reset it and what it implies in this article. The check charging system or battery light displays when the charging system fails.

It can be as a result of routinely jumpstarting your car or a defective alternator signaling that it needs to be replaced. It could indicate that your vehicle’s battery is weak or that the charging system’s principal function has not been completed.

Just what the cause could be, whether it was a dead battery, a broken alternator, or a defective charging system, you’ll understand all the options and how to repair your car’s charging issue. Continue reading to learn why the check battery or charge light is illuminated and how to resolve the issue.

A Complete Guide on How to Reset Service Battery Charging System Light

What causes the breakdown of a charging system?

Many factors, such as a broken alternator, a weak battery, drive belts, and even a damaged car computer, can cause a charging system crash. A specialist must analyze the cause of the check charging system or battery life, but you can do it yourself by verifying the following.

●    Bad or Failing Alternator

The alternator is the most important component in a vehicle’s electronic charging system. Moreover, it is in the charge of keeping the battery alive and charged so that the car can be started at any moment.

When an alternator is defective and not fulfilling its primary job as intended, it can be very unpleasant. A broken or damaged alternator may appear to be working, but it is not discharging a high enough voltage to charge the battery.

You may not notice if the alternator is discharging low voltage if you own a car. This is because the battery lacks a voice to say, “Hey, I’m not getting enough voltage; please check the alternator.

Instead, the vehicle’s computer will identify it and cause the battery charging system light to illuminate. In this instance, you can just hire an expert to troubleshoot and determine the source of the problem.

●    A damaged or dead battery

A bad battery could also cause your battery/check charging system light to turn on. When the battery is faulty, failing, or low on charge, this can signal that the alternator is malfunctioning or that the battery is dead.

Most of the time, if it is old and hasn’t been replaced for a while now, it’s the issue with the battery. A car battery is supposed to survive at least 2-3 years, after which it may begin to malfunction.

However, the length of time a battery lasts before needing to be replaced is currently controlled by climate conditions, mode of use, and the quality of the alternator. Even with a newly charged battery, the service battery charging system light may flash when you see it.

If you replace your car’s battery today, or even right now, and the alternator is defective, the new battery will be dead in less than a day. Please seek expert help if you cannot make the diagnosis at home.

●    Problems with the drive belt

The service battery charging system light might be flashed due to slack or broken drive belt. Since the serpentine belt drives the alternator, tuning the coil in the alternator and providing electrical energy to maintain the battery charged.

Many parts in the car are driven by the serpentine belt, such as the power steering pump, as well as the air conditioning compressor, and the water pump. In this article, we’re simply concerned with the check battery light.

A malfunctioning belt drive or a damaged serpentine belt would prevent the alternator from performing its purpose, causing it to fail. If the alternator fails to charge the battery, a problem will occur, resulting in the battery light appearing on the dashboard.

If this occurs, the best and safest course of action is to contact a technician. So as a car owner cannot replace a vehicle’s broken or missing serpentine unless you have the proper tools and understanding.


In this article, we have summarized how to reset service battery charging system light, where we advised you to take help from an experienced technician. Also, we have shared the causes of the breaking down of a system. Hope, this guide will be helpful to understand the reason.

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