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How we Can Start a Fleeca Job

How To Start a Fleeca Job

The Fleeca Job is the principal heist that players will take on in GTA Online.It is a task for two players and at first fills in as the instructional exercise for the heist missions. It is a simple prologue to GTA 5’s most recent update. Whenever you’ve downloaded the Heists document, enter GTA Online. You get a call from Lester advising you to go to his stockroom close to the turnpike. It’s set apart with an L on the guide, similarly all things considered in single-player.

How to start Fleeca Job:

Many people want to know how to start a Fleeca job. Since it is a two-player heist, players should track down one more GTA Online player to assist them with making it happen. When these prerequisites are met, they can start the occupation by visiting Lester. It can likewise be begun through the “Play Heist” choice on the telephone.

When the player has arrived at the vital level and bought a proper condo, Lester Crest will contact the player by message and follow up call presenting the heists idea. The player should then meet with Lester at his piece of clothing manufacturing plant.

There are following steps in Fleeca job:

1-Grand Theft Online Fleeca Job Heist Guide:

GTA Online Heists are at long last here, and we have the advisers to assist you with finishing them. To start a fleeca job your first heist is to burglarize the Fleece Bank, and this is the way to do it right!

Following a year and a half of pausing, the Grand Theft Auto Online Heists are at long last here, and players are prepared to bounce in and begin rounding up the mixture with companions. To help them in their endeavors, we’re assembling straightforward aides that stroll through every part of the heists.

 Before any can begin the heists, there are a few necessities to meet. Regardless of whether you’re facilitating a heist or going along with another person’s downfall, players should be basically level 12 on GTA Online. Fortunately, that is surprisingly easy and should just be two or three hours of doing missions, races and other multiplayer exercises inside GTA Online.

The subsequent condition is that whoever is facilitating the gathering should possess a condo in an elevated structure. When those two essentials are satisfied, the heist group is all set.

2-Getting the First Job:

To get fleeca jobs players have signed into GTA Online, they will get a call from Lester telling them he has some work. After the call, an ‘L’ will show up on the guide where players plan occupations with Lester in the mission. Head to that area to meet Lester and get a couple of insights concerning working with him.


We might want to take note of those assuming players getting calls from other Los Santos financial specialists, similar to Simeon or Trevor, those calls first before Lester connects. In the event that players don’t deal with any consequences regarding different folks, they can continue to call and Lester will not get past.


Subsequent to meeting with Lester, an ‘H’ will show up in the new Heist room in the player’s loft. Head there to get everything rolling on the main heist. It’s additionally conceivable to fire a heist by pulling up your telephone, tapping on ‘Fast Job’ and choosing ‘Play Heist’. From that point, players will have the choice of beginning on their own or joining another player’s down.

3-Scoping Out the Target:

The primary heist is generally a training position to consider making the plunge. Lester meets the player in their condo heist room where he discovers that he has some work; this is the main heist that Lester pays for – future heists will require a venture from the host.

4-Taking an Armored Car:

Lester and Paige will get the barricade set, and Lester will clarify the job of the heist chief. On the off chance that it’s the chief’s first time playing a heist, Lester will walk them through a presentation cycle and clarify how the load up functions.

Lester clarifies that the group will take a Kuruma, a reinforced vehicle, from a pack holding it in a parking structure. The group will then, at that point, select their attire and vehicle for the mission.


In this article, we have shared about how to start fleeca job. Also, mentioned the best ways to start a fleeca job... We hope you will get your points.

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