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How To Take Stickers Off Laptop – A complete guide

How To Take Stickers Off Laptop

There are many of us out there who are in the habit of putting stickers on our laptops. This is a common occurrence among laptops. But sometimes, the sticker on the laptop cover does not look good, and sometimes, it is quite difficult to take it off. There are very few of us who know the fact that how to remove stickers from laptops. It is quite a tricky job. We need to be very careful while removing the stickers without damaging the laptop.

So do you want to do something? It is inconvenient not only because it detracts from the beauty of the laptop but also because the stickers will gradually peel off, leaving a sticky mess on the surface.

Isn’t it true that no one likes having their hands on a sticky surface? If it’s a protection seal, you probably don’t want to remove it, but if it’s an unattractive sticker that wasn’t put around for show, you can still get rid of it.

When you get a used or refurbished laptop, however, the old owner may have left some “awesome” stickers on the laptop that you may wish to remove. Stickers are simple to apply but difficult to remove.

Tips & methods about how to take stickers off laptop

Note: Before you use any of these ways, make sure your laptop is switched off and disconnected, especially if you’re going to remove the sticker with alcohol or liquid!

This process requires peeling off the sticker and cleaning up the material. Leave and move on to the next approach if you’ve tried this!


Step 1: Peel off stickers

If the laptop is new and the sticker is fresh as well, you should be able to scrape it off very easily. You can start carefully removing it with a razor blade, but if you do not really feel comfortable doing that, We would also not risk it because damaging the top of your laptop could cause many problems.

You can also use a safe men’s or women’s razor, a credit card, or specialist sticker removal equipment instead. However, the Apple brand really suggests removing stickers with non-abrasive techniques and materials.


Step 2: Get a Glue Cleaner tube and a lint-free cloth or rag

You won’t be through with your job until you remove the stickers; you’ll need to clean the remains from your laptop.

In the beginning, take a bottle of sticky cleaner (Goo Gone is our recommendation) and spray it on a microfiber cloth. It’s also possible that rubbing alcohol will work, but this isn’t always the truth.

Simply wipe around the area where you removed the sticker with the lint-free cloth slightly wet with Goo Gone. Take some 5-10 minutes; the Adhesive Cleanser can take some time to complete its task.


Step 3: Wipe off the laptop’s surface using a moist rag

The next step is to clear up the Glue Cleaner and any leftover sticky material from your laptop using a moist rag. Keep your hands away from the keyboard.

If the material remains, repeat Steps 2 and 3 as needed until your laptop is completely clean and sticker residue-free.

If the sticker still doesn’t come off without leaving a sticky mess, wipe the extra Goo Gone away with a paper towel. Then repeat steps 2 and 3 until your laptop is completely clean and free of sticker residue.



This blog is all about how to take stickers off laptop. It is really difficult to take stickers off laptop. The stickers are really long-lasting. They can stay for a long time. So it is really troublesome to take them off. Here we have shared 3 ways to take stickers off laptop. This way is very simple. It is easy to take stickers off laptop. You just need to follow these steps.

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