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Santa Cruz Tech Deck Series

Whether you’re just starting out or you’re looking for a great starter deck, you’re sure to find a Tech Deck from Santa Cruz to fit your needs. The Tech Deck line is available in several different series, including the Versus, Performance, Collector’s Edition, and Lib Series. To find out more about each, read on! Here are a few things to consider when buying a Tech Deck:

Versus Series

The Tech Deck Versus Series features two complete 96mm fingerboards, an obstacle, 4 challenge cards, and an easy-to-assemble concave deck. Designed for kids six and up, the VS Series is the perfect place to start learning how to fingerboard. Two fully assembled mini skateboards and a realistic street obstacle make fingerboarding easy and fun. The Tech Deck is available at official Santa Cruz stockists.

The Tech Deck Versus Series has been designed to be the best value skateboard on the market. It has a 96mm fingerboard made by real skate companies. The price tag is affordable, too, and the decks are great for beginners. One package comes with two completes of the same size, one with a little ramp included. The Tech Deck Versus Series is priced at just $65 for two skateboards.

Performance Series

The Santa Cruz Tech Beat is a website dedicated to Santa Cruz’s technology industry. It features comprehensive news, events, resources, and jobs. The Santa Cruz Tech Performance Series is a showcase of UCSC’s relationship with industry. Its founder, Sara Isenberg, is an executive advisor to the dean of UC Santa Cruz. Other contributors to the Santa Cruz Tech Beat include Donna Weaver, UCSC’s director of strategic and business development, and Candace Wilson, the VP of business development at GreenVenus.

Collector’s Edition

If you have a child who loves to skateboard, you’ve probably seen the Santa Cruz Tech Deck. It is a practice board that’s become one of the most popular skateboarding collectibles. Santa Cruz has even hosted some special events and given out swag in the past. These collectibles are inexpensive, but can make great gifts for skateboard enthusiasts. The Santa Cruz Tech Deck is made of fiberglass and carbon fiber fabric, so it’s lightweight and should be durable.

The Santa Cruz Tech Deck is a great starter board. It has everything a kid needs to build three unique decks, including trucks and wheels, as well as two fingerboard decks. This kit is great for kids of all ages, and includes an assortment of decal sheets to decorate the board. Whether you’re looking for a first skateboard gift or a stocking stuffer for a kid in your life, this kit is sure to be a hit.

Lib Series

Originally designed as a practice board, the Lib Tech skateboards are now popular collectibles that can be given as gifts. These skateboards are made of a proprietary composite wood called Quad X, which uses fiberglass and carbon fiber fabric to make the deck’s boards stronger and thinner. The wood itself is made of seven layers of maple, and the glue is made from National Casein, which is a water-based polymer system mixed with non-recyclable catalysts.

The fingerboards are a multi-pack of board pieces with authentic pro graphics from the top skateboard companies. Each fingerboard comes with extra grip tape, trucks, wheels, and a collector’s poster. Each fingerboard is different, and can be used for building a custom skateboard or collecting the entire series. No matter what style you’re looking for, the Tech Deck Lib Series has the perfect skateboard for you.

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