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Setting Up Blue Iris 4 In Isy

If you want to use Blue Iris in your Isy home, then you must know how to set it up. You will learn about adding a camera, enabling motion detection, and geofencing. In addition, you will learn how to set up FTP upload. After you have finished all the setup procedures, you can begin to use your Blue Iris. To get started, simply follow the steps below.

Configuring Blue Iris

Once you have installed Blue Iris, you can configure it as you normally would. You can either configure it once for 35 euros or upgrade to the latest version mangasaki for 99 euros. There is no need to subscribe to the annual subscription – you can cancel at any time. To configure Blue Iris, follow these simple steps:

Adding a camera

If you have a Blue Iris, you can add a camera by following these instructions. Make sure that all the cameras are on the same network during the setup. In the main interface, click on the settings menu. Then, select ‘Add Camera’. Then, select a camera, such as an IP camera, and click on the desired option. If you’d like to view the video from your camera, you can click on the Live View button to view its live feed.

Configuring motion detection

You can configure Blue Iris motion detection and video recording in Isy to capture any activity in front of your camera. This video recording feature has three different features. Each one can be set to record for three or five seconds. You can even change the time interval between motion detections. For more details, see Configuring Blue Iris 4 motion detection and video recording in Isy. It’s very easy to set up your Blue Iris cameras and monitor activity in your home.

Adding a geofence

The Blue Iris is a great security solution that monitors your home or business. Depending on the model you choose, Blue Iris can monitor your kids, pets, employees, packages, and even the door to check for mail. You can choose from 64 different cameras, and the system will capture JPEG snapshots and movies in standard MP4, AVI, and Windows Media file formats.

Configuring authentication

Authentication is required in order to connect Blue Iris cameras to the Internet. Blue Iris is a paid add-on network module, and you can configure Blue Iris to force authentication. However, you may want to make sure that you enable this option in the web server’s configuration page. You can configure authentication to force authentication by default, or enable basic authentication. Blue Iris will require authentication from the node server, and can be configured to require it.

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