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Trademark USA Lyrics

Trademark USA Lyrics

If you’re familiar with the film Trademark USA, you’ll know that it features the same theme as the famous commercial. The film features music composed by Scott Bridgeway, Roget Chahayed, Frank Dukes, Baby Keem, and Teo Halm. The film is set to be released on 10th September 2021. You can watch the trailer below to learn more about the songs featured in the film. The lyrics are not only catchy but also educational.

Baby Keem

Keem’s Trademark USA song has many topics. The song’s title is confusing – does it refer to Keem’s wealth, or is it a reference to the lifestyle of a person living in America? It was not released as a single, though. Keem only released two singles on her debut album, The Melodic Blue, and Trademark USA is one of them.

Roget Chahayed

Trademark USA lyrics are from the album The Melodic Blue (2021). They were written by Frank Dukes, Roget Chahayed and Ruchaun Maurice Akers Jr. and produced by Scott Bridgeway and Roget Chahayed. You can read more about the song’s lyrics and read the lyrics below. To listen to this song, click here. To view the lyrics, click on the blue arrows.

Frank Dukes

If you’re looking for the words to a popular song, you’ve probably heard of Frank Dukes’s Trademark USA. He was a well-known rapper in the early 2000s and has been producing and writing music for other artists for over two decades. He has also written songs for other rappers, including Travis Scott and Drake. But what is the story behind his latest single? Read on to learn more about him and what made him so popular.

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