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What is cardstock and what is it’s value?

First of all, lets us understand the concept of card stock paper. This paper is different in structure than another traditional kind of paper which make it unique, classy, and something extraordinary. The durability and outer thickness of this card stock can’t be challenged. When you see it or touch it you would feel a slight difference and bold outer surface.

Moreover, despite being thick in structure it is minimal as compared to cardboard. Also, the element of flexibility can be founded here. For those who are interested in creating things with art by experimenting, this card stock can be an ideal option to utilize. The reason behind it’s being crafty and supportive for artistic purposes is that it has that aura and structure that support creativity.

As we know it is durable, so people often use it for making professional cards like wedding cards, business proposals, and other similar categories that require a different pattern of paper card with some shine and versatility.


Cardstock is more in volume when you compare it with normal regular paper but it is minimal structured as compared to paper board. This clarification is mandatory to get a clear picture of this cardstock. Now another question arises that whether it can be used as a construction paper substitute so the final answer is no!

Construction paper has it’s class and primarily it was used for art projects. But card stock is more valuable and it gives more benefits and variations to the designer. It has entirely different results and it has been used for bigger causes. The surface of cardstock has more quality and a professional look that can’t be compared with any random paper.


Types of cardstock

  • Matte

Matte is wholly specified for calligraphy and painting. You can give a great look at these both artistic modules by making use of this kind. It’s format is supportive for majorly both of these arts.

  • Glossy

For anything in which you want a shinier look, then this kind can be a perfect option. The glossy mode of card stock is more suitable to create something expressive that requires so much to look attractive.

  • Lettra

This kind is top most elite one with respect to price and demand. Lettra has its own versatility and genre. Those who know the actual value of this paper that is wholly constructed with pure cotton pay a huge amount to get this one.

You can also buy cardstock online .

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