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Where Is The Toothbrush In Untitled Goose Game

Where Is The Toothbrush In Untitled Goose Game

If you are honking the way via your village, you might know that in the game “Untitled Goose”, the skills of toothbrush finding and flapping menacingly are also needed. Just after honking the way, the second place of the Goose game immediately sends you to the High streets. Yes, you heard that right!

Are you confused about Where Is The Toothbrush In Untitled Goose Game? Well, you need to have some enlightening pieces of information about Where Is The Toothbrush In Untitled Goose Game. So, here we go;

A Complete Guide on Where Is The Toothbrush In Untitled Goose Game

When you get to the High Streets level of the game, you begin the Go Shopping mission. A list of products must be collected and returned to your shopping cart without the shopkeeper taking them out and putting them back. You may make things a bit easier on yourself by moving the shopping basket out of the way so they can’t reverse all you’ve done.

Among other things, you’ll want to stock up on toilet paper and a hairbrush. Except for the elusive toothbrush, all of these products are readily available right there in the store. Take what you need and put it in your shopping cart.

Unlock The Town

You’ll get a list of activities to do as you enter a new part of the community. This is what you’ll see on the list: In the town, the game’s second region, you’ll find a list of tasks that need you to collect items and place them in a shopping cart. There is a toothbrush on this list. However, the location of the toothbrush isn’t immediately apparent.

Check the Dustbins

There is a toothbrush tucked away in the town’s dustbins, near the garage of the shopkeeper. There will be more effort required to get the toothbrush. In order to get past the shopkeeper’s swinging broom, you’ll have to first knock over the dustbins. You’ll be able to pick up the toothbrush after it falls out of the trash as a result of doing this.

Once that’s done, you can explore what further havoc you can wreak on your lovely community by checking off the items on your to-do list.

Toothbrush Location

You need to fill the shopping basket near the store with six products in order to fulfill this objective. Doing this when the shopkeeper is in her garage would be ideal, but you can also get the basket away from her and carry it somewhere secure while you pick up your purchases. Garbage can at the home at the end of the street is holding the toothbrush, which is in the shop’s toilet paper and canned food aisles. If you tip it over, the toothbrush will come flying out. knock it over. In case you can’t get your hands on a bottle of cleaning in the shop, there’s a second bottle of cleaner next to the garbage can.

The toothbrush, on the other hand, is something you won’t find at a store. It doesn’t seem to be anywhere, no matter where you look. Even if you cause the lad or shopkeeper to trip and spill things, you won’t get a toothbrush, but it’s always fun to try. To get to the walkie-talkies on top of the child’s play table, go to the rear right corner of the yard. There is a garbage can at their back door that you must overturn. A person has disposed of their toothbrush and some apple cores for no apparent reason. Once you’ve grabbed it and made your way back to your cart, you’ll be able to check this item off your list.

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