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Who Wins Jeopardy Today

Who Won Jeopardy Today?

If you want to know who will win “Jeopardy!” today, you have to look at some of the contestants. These women will likely be the next champions, and the competition will be fierce. Several of the contestants, including Molly Fleming and Yungsheng Wang, have been vying for the title for a long time. Let’s look at some of the candidates and what they’ve done to reach the top.

Megan Wachspress

If you’re a fan of the popular game show, you might be surprised to hear that a Miami resident has won Jeopardy today. Megan Wachspress beat out long-time Jeopardy player Jeff Weinstock by correctly identifying Edgar Allan Poe. However, there is one thing that most viewers couldn’t ignore: the typo. Many viewers were unable to ignore the typo and even voiced their disapproval on Twitter.

Yungsheng Wang

Yungsheng Wang is a public defender from Los Angeles, CA who wins $84,202 on Jeopardy today. She beat out Heather Brown, a civil servant in South Berwick, ME, and Brian Ahern, a user support associate in Daly City, CA. Brian Ahern won $11,800 while Heather took home $6,400.

Molly Fleming

In a game that has generated a lot of controversy, Molly Fleming has finally won Jeopardy today! Molly Fleming is a community organizer from Minneapolis, Minnesota. She earned her Bachelor of Arts in history from the University of Minnesota, as well as her Master of Arts in advocacy from Metro State University. Before joining Jeopardy!, Fleming had worked for the National Park Service as an immunity assistance fellow, as well as an events assistant at Barracks Row Main Street. Several of her previous jobs have entailed her knowledge of many different topics.

Sadie Goldberger

A new champion has emerged on Jeopardy today. Sadie Goldberger barely won the final jeopardy round! But fans aren’t giving up just yet. This year’s champ is the first woman to win the show since Megan Wachspress! The new champ won by a narrow margin, despite not answering all the questions correctly. Here are some things to know about her.

Brian Ahern

The winner of Jeopardy today is user support associate Brian Ahern, from Daly City, California. Brian beat Robert Won and Leigh Jahnig in a game that saw them face off against one another. Ahern started with a $600 lead when he found a Daily Double under a clue about weather. He bet the full $1,000 and won the game, while Won lost $4,800.

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